Classical Favorites for Twelve Bells

From Handel to Mozart to Vivaldi (and more!), Classical Favorites for Twelve Bells is ideal for times when you may need some variety in your program, as it offers sacred, secular and crossover titles. You’ll find yourself reaching for this collection when you’re off to venues like nursing homes, schools, weddings, business events or Sunday services. While each piece uses only twelve bells spanning F5 to C7, not every title uses the “standard” set of twelve bells in F major, dramatically expanding the possibilities for varied keys and harmonies. Titles include: Themes from the Four Seasons (Spring & Autumn); Theme from LeCygne (The Swan); Merry Widow Waltz; Jupiter; Rondeau; Happy Farmer; Hornpipe; Theme from New World Symphony (Largo); La Donna e mobile; 4th Movement from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Rondo)

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