Tales of the Great Water

The word Michigan originally referred to the lake itself, and is believed to come from the Ojibwe word ‘michi-gami’ meaning ‘great water’. Commissioned for the Bay View Week of Handbells, which is held on the shores of Lake Michigan, composer Sandra Eithun chose to offer an homage to this beautiful lake and its rich history. “Tales of the Great Water” is comprised of three short stories. I. Kinship -The Gathering is a tale of friendship, conjuring up images of a place where cultures merged and people from all over gathered. II. Shoreline Poem is a tale of longing. So many who settled near the shores of the Great Water, once had a life in another place, perhaps in a distant land. Standing on these remote shores, they can only imagine other places or times. III. Boundless is a tale of sailing. An adventurous romp on the water awaits our hearty sailors in this tale with stories to tell upon their return. The delightful stories are enhanced with optional flute or violin, drum, chime tree, and suspended cymbal.

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